Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

About Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

Welcome to Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost! Your mission is to assist Adam in scaring the largest number of people possible. Because he is new in this position, he will need your help. Adam quickly realized that his attempt to be a model young man was not going to work. So he decided to redirect his bad inner son. To successfully complete each level, you need to terrify as many people as possible. You will travel the world, visit many countries, sail across the oceans and select your victims so that you can dread the living daylights from them. Find solutions to problems in each level using YOUR MOUSE and watch the characters force jump out of their bodies. Have fun playing this charming little game with Adam, it's time to clear the room so you can welcome your newest victim.


How to play

You can interact with things on the scene using your mouse or finger.

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