About Alchemy

Welcome to Alchemy! A third ingredient is created when two ingredients are combined, and you have to experiment to find out all their secrets! Each component can be understood literally or symbolically, depending on the context in which it is considered. For example, the term "water" can mean actual water or fluid quality. The magic system in the game has a significant effect on the overall. Theory is drawn from the concepts of actual alchemists who worked in medieval Europe (and supplemented by the authors). Also, you can think of a phoenix, but you can't make a lawn mower! It is impossible to produce high-tech things, at least not the majority. More than 100 unique musical elements in the atmosphere are waiting for you to join!


How to play

To determine if two components interact, move one over the other with your mouse or finger, then release. In case you run into any problems, you can always use the clues to advertise. You can also remove any open items from your inventory by clicking on the object you want to remove and then dragging it out. The recipe book lists any open recipes, including any additional recipes that may have been unlocked.

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