About game has always been a multiplayer arena of the action game genre, and at the same time a life-and-death struggle for survival. The goal of this conflict was to secure control of the region and protect its borders. However, they will have to use new tactics in this battle for survival. Compete with other pretenders to control the area. Amogus couldn't lose to his opponent so he had to take control of the station and all surrounding areas by capturing it. You have one chance to catch the impostor as it tries to escape its territory and in the meantime it leaves a trail of telltale signs. It can be killed and reclaimed territory if you follow the path it uses to move. You need to maintain a safe path and launch attacks on the opponent's paths. Enter the game and control most of the space on the station. Wish you have fun!

How to play

Character movement is done by touching the screen of the mobile device or the WASD keys and mouse on the computer.

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