About Battledudes

Battledudes is an authentic multiplayer 2D shooter with a completely destructible battlefield, and you must compete against other teams to win. There are many different game modes and maps available for you to choose from in this game, giving you plenty of options for how you want to play. Playing the game and accumulating experience points will earn you access to more than 20 unique weapons, all of which can be unlocked in your arsenal and used against the many enemies you will encounter. face to face.

You can move faster in larger areas by using vehicles like jeeps and tanks. However, the powerful armored tank has only one seat, but it is equipped with a formidable tank turret that can fire explosive missiles at its enemies. If you love shooting games, join the Tom Clancy's Shootout game to experience it!


How to play

The W, A, S and D keys on the keyboard are used to control your character. Use mouse to aim your weapon, then click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. When you run out of ammo, press the R button to reload.

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