Black Stallion Cabaret

Black Stallion Cabaret


Black Stallion Cabaret is a very popular train ride. In this game, will you own a train protected by armor? That's right, an entire train carriage is packed with charming dancers! Have them travel across the country while amusing people in different towns, fortifying your train and fending off monster invasions. The goal of the game is to guide dancers across the country safely while avoiding any monster attacks they may encounter. When playing the main game mode, you will need to combine items that you have created in the workshop to level up them and improve weapons, dancers, and the workshop itself. You will encounter a large number of enemies in your journey and you will need weapons to protect yourself from them. The battles are played out to you automatically. You have a total of thirty seconds to eliminate a group of enemies, and can purchase new wagons and refine those you already have with detailed information.

How to play Black Stallion Cabaret

- To use an item, simply double click on it.

- You can increase the level of items by merging them. When an item is used, it will grant experience points greater than its level. Weapons, dancers and workshops can be improved by using different items.


How to play

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