Brain Test

Brain Test


Brain Test is a very challenging and fun brain hacking game. Try your brain and prepare to have a great time! Exercise your mind and try to think outside the box to find answers to challenging adult puzzles and prove to everyone that you are the smartest person around. Believe in common sense, but also pay attention to details. Don't try to solve the traditional puzzles as some of the puzzles are much more difficult than they first appear! Have fun with puzzles that are both insanely addictive and make you think in unique ways.

How to play Brain Test

- You have to work through some difficult and complex puzzles.

- Challenge yourself mentally on multiple fronts!

- Use your reasoning skills to solve puzzles in a logical way.

- Try new mechanics and think on a large scale!

- If you don't know what to do next, use the hint provided to complete the game.

How to play

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