Christmas Imposter Run

Christmas Imposter Run

About Christmas Imposter Run

In the game Christmas Imposter Run, the goal is to accumulate a large number of gifts and everyone is having a lot of different difficulties to overcome. As a game of the Christmas genre, you can get a protective shield by collecting enough of these holiday figurines. Elves can be collected along with gift boxes. While it is on, you can bypass any barriers and continue your way. Your current total and goblin statue will be displayed in the top left corner of the screen. When all your lives are used up, the game is over. You have three lives to start with, and if you run into something while you have no lives left, the game is over. Don't let your guard down, pay attention and grab all the freebies along the way!


How to play

To avoid obstacles, press the W key to jump over them and the S key to slide under them. Pressing A and D will change direction.