Click Bubbles

Click Bubbles

About Click Bubbles

Click Bubbles is a simple puzzle game, the aim of the game is to burst groups of bubbles of the same color by clicking on those groups. Be careful, though, as certain actions have the potential to turn the tables, rendering all the plans you've developed for the level useless.

Before you begin, you can quickly scan the area for groups of items of the same color. Before making a move, you should first consider the reactions of other players, then you should make your next move based on that. In this approach, you can maximize your bonus at the end of the level by reducing the number of balloons that are different from the others. Check out more of our bubble games to hone your skills.

How to play

To match bubbles, click on at least two of them. If you can match multiple bubbles with just one click, you will get more points for each item.

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