Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy

About Color Galaxy

In the game Color Galaxy, you have to use the palette to mark your color space as much as possible and repel the enemy team. Be aware of the competition for your territory. Personalization using an interface allows you to express yourself in a unique way. Spend your gold on new vehicles, colors and decals, and daily quests will bring you new goodies. Go in circles and back to yourself to draw your territory. Set your own aesthetic by playing around with different colors. Create large, eye-catching splashes of color that dominate the globe with a smart base building approach. It's risky to move outside of your color, where your tail is easier to target. This makes you easy to get killed when colliding with other players. Competing players in Color Galaxy will force you to constantly fight for control of your domain. If you like 3D color games, you can refer to

How to play

Spread your colors across the map by clicking and dragging with your mouse. You can claim territory by gliding around the board and connecting your colored dots with other players' colored dots.

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