Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker

About Cookie Clicker

In the Cookie Clicker game, players will be taken to a planet that looks like a giant cookie, and they will have to repeatedly click on that planet to collect small versions of that cookie. The player's sole mission is to accumulate as many cookies as possible to gain access to additional new features such as help, skills, factory building, and more, all designed to aid in accumulating more and more cookies. Once players have accumulated a specific number of cookies, they unlock the ability to hire people, open farms and factories, and produce more cookies. In addition, players can improve their skills to increase the number of cookies received per click or per second. Boosters are things that help you get more cookies. For example, your gloves can click the screen for you, hammers make open-pit mining more efficient and help improve productivity, and more. The more support items you have, the more benefits you get.


How to play

Click repeatedly on the giant cookie to collect mini versions.

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