Crafty Miner

Crafty Miner

Crafty Miner is an extremely fun and addictive video game where you will have to excavate the world's rarest and most valuable ores. In the Crafty Miner video game, where the player must dig deep into the bowels of a long-abandoned mine, your goal is to accumulate the most wealth of any existing miner. You are about to embark on a journey through the underworld that will live long in the memory. Unlock new levels, find unique and valuable resources, buy and sell those resources and use the money you earn to upgrade your pickaxe. You can improve your character by selling the resources you find, hiring new workers and digging much faster if you do. The game Crafty Miner will not leave you indifferent in the face of its breathtaking 3D graphics and atmosphere. Join and experience the game offline!

How to play Crafty Miner

You can move by dragging the joystick, mining resources, selling resources and crafting pickaxes.

How to play

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