Dash Party

Dash Party

About Dash Party

The fight in the Dash Party arena is about to begin, and now it's time to slide across the ground of the platform, breaking your opponents to pieces. You will encounter a lot of playable characters and game settings when entering this world. As your character glides more, additional ways to use knives will become available to them. You can make the game more interesting and fun by playing together. Beautiful user interface, vivid sound and images are the strong points of the game, you will definitely enjoy it. Join more similar games in our collection, Danger Dash.


How to play

  • If you are in the game as a single player, move with "WASD," "arrow keys" or "MOUSE" and "LEFT CLICK" depending on the game.
  • If playing with two people at the same time: Player 1 uses the "W,A,S,D" keys and Player 2 uses "ARROW KEYS".
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