Demon Killer

Demon Killer

About Demon Killer

In the video game Demon Killer, you are the only one who can stop the apocalypse, whether you alone have the power to stop the destruction of the world. Put an end to the demonic invasion by arming yourself with a huge collection of weapons. Keep moving forward and make the most of your photography. You'll need to prevent demonic infiltration, so arm yourself with as many different weapons as you can. Get the gold and run away from those demons! You will need to upgrade your weapons to increase their potency and get more ammo. When it comes to harming an opponent, headers tend to be most effective. Are you capable of resisting the onslaught of the devil?


How to play

Kill demons for gold. You can buy ammo and upgrades from the game's main menu. A shot to the head deals extra damage to the target.

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