Dream Pet Link

Dream Pet Link

About Dream Pet Link

The gameplay of Dream Pet Link is similar to the classic game of Mahjong. Create a chain reaction by pairing pets to eliminate tiles on the board! Since there are so many adorable animals, such as lions, snakes, cats, bats, etc., you will need a keen eye to spot the patterns in this picture. To complete a level of Dream Pet Link, you will need to link identical tiles. Play through all nine levels of the game and make the most of the time you have to match the same tiles to make them disappear. You are given six hints for each level in Dream Pet Link, and the ability to pause the game is available in case you feel the need to pause looking at cute animal tiles. Join the game and try to find as many matching pairs as you can before the clock stops!

How to play

To remove tile concatenations, use your left mouse button to click them. Similar to mahjong, the only way to remove tiles from the board is if they are along one of the edges of the board.

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