Drift Boss

Drift Boss

About Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a game in which you have to perfectly time your passage over an infinite route to avoid the danger of colliding into space. As a driver, you have the opportunity to shine. Not everyone will be able to easily complete the game's difficult tasks. The most courageous and determined athletes are the ones who reach the pinnacle of their sport. Would you say that you are one of these gifted athletes? Drift Boss is an outstanding game that will have you captivated to your screen for hours on end regardless of your motivation for playing. If racing is your thing, come play 2 Player Dark Racin with us!

How to play

You can go right by clicking or pressing the spacebar, and left by doing the corresponding action.

The rightward touch on a mobile device causes it to travel in that direction, while the leftward release causes it to move in the opposite direction.