Drink Master

Drink Master

Drink Master is a powerful beverage game. Have you ever been entertained with the concept of working behind the bar? Do you aspire to spend your life creating the perfect cocktail and other drinks? Do you always get perfection and praise when pouring beer into a glass? Then, play this game called "Drinking Master" and develop your skills as a beverage master. Pour wine and prove to everyone that you know how to make the best cocktails possible. Don't neglect the addition of an ice cube, it will make your glass more attractive.

This incredibly simple game - while easy to play but highly addictive - gives you the opportunity to combine drinks of different colors to create incredibly refreshing compositions. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild. How about mixing beer with beer? No problem! Your mission is to prepare the drink perfectly while still on time!

How to play Drink Master

Use the accessibility button or hover to select drinks and concoctions.


How to play

How To Play Drink Master

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