Fairyland Merge & Magic

Fairyland Merge & Magic

About Fairyland Merge & Magic

In the game Fairyland Merge & Magic, you will come to the island where all the greatest merges are gathered, and you have to take the fairy test. Have you ever wished you had a dragon of your own? Combine mythical creatures like dragons, unicorns, elves, and more! Do merge with your dragon now and play with your dragon farm. Is there a way to predict which company will merge with whom next? There are countless unexplored areas to explore and landmarks to explore. Great puzzle solving rewards for completing merge missions. I'm curious what it's like to go through the merge process. Stop guessing and jump right into this amazing merge game filled with merge stories. One merge is ideal for you if you enjoy playing free merge games and learning new things like Idle Farming Business.

How to play

Combine one grape sprout with the other two; Repeat with additional beds until the grapes are ready to be harvested. Find new tools and heroes as you travel across Fairyland.

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