Fall Cars : Hexagon

Fall Cars : Hexagon

About Fall Cars : Hexagon

A thrilling racing game that will give you an adrenaline rush is Fall Cars: Hexagon! While playing this game you will have the opportunity to navigate through the maps and levels very similar to the famous Fall Guys game. However, when mounted on your 4x4 vehicle, you need to be quick and agile to avoid falling and losing progress. You can play this game alone in survivor mode or you can play this game with a friend in the split screen two player option. Stand up straight and be the lone survivor between vehicles by avoiding collisions. Have a good time navigating the charming Fall Guys' cars while trying to avoid falling to the bottom of the hexagon.

How to play

Maintain command of your car and try to stay in the hexagon track. You have the option of playing the game alone or with a companion in a mode known as "two-player mode".

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