Fall Heroes Guys 3D

Fall Heroes Guys 3D

About Fall Heroes Guys 3D

Welcome to Fall Heroes Guys 3D! To have a good time, you need to run away and start playing a survival game where you try to be the last person standing without being knocked over. Throughout the game, you will face many challenging missions that will make you laugh at the start and scratch your head at the end. There's a bunch of new hurdles to overcome at the beginning of each level, giving you a burst of adrenaline every time you start playing and every time you sprint to the next level. Collect supplies and make your way through each level as a survivor. There will be tons of other players trying to finish at the same time as you. But to pass the level you need to blend in and become one of them. It's a growing struggle to meet each new one. Successfully overcome the obstacles and advance to the championship round.


How to play

You can control your character with the joystick on the left side of the screen and can choose to jump with the button on the right. Use the arrow keys to control the character.

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