Fall Rush Fun 3D

Fall Rush Fun 3D

About Fall Rush Fun 3D

A survival arcade with 3D stickman models and block gameplay is what you'll find in Fall Rush Fun 3D. You have to pass each stage as the last player standing apart from all who participated. Due to its engaging gameplay and 3D aesthetic, the new arcade game Fall Rush Fun 3D has received much praise as one of the most innovative and exciting new arcade games of the year. In this enchanting game world, you need to occupy more area to accumulate more points. It is important to keep in mind that in addition to yourself, you will face a large number of hostile enemies that will try to attack your land. Your mission is to keep these invaders out of your land and kill them all! You can walk to prepare other players if you are confident in your abilities.


How to play

Click to start playing and use arrow keys to control.

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