Football Legends 2021

Football Legends 2021

About Football Legends 2021

Football Legends 2021 is a video game with super game modes and super football players simulated by the best players in the history of the world. This is the 2021 release and can be played in a variety of modes, including single-player and two-player modes. Quick Play, Tournament and Friend modes are the three different play styles available. Take part in a competition with your favorite squad, where only the best teams compete for the championship. You can play any of these game variations with just one other person or with two other people simultaneously. When the final whistle blows each half of a match, the winner is determined by who has scored the most goals. Each playable character will have a super shot ability, activating this ability will result in a cooldown. If you like sports battles, join more Stick Soccer 3D and Head Soccer 2022 games!


How to play

Click the mouse to start playing and use the WASD keys to control the direction of the ball.

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