Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump

About Geometry Jump

In Geometry Jump, you must do your best to avoid the bumps and complete the stages despite the fun yet challenging spike obstacles. See who in your group can achieve the fastest time on this version. Keep your eyes fixed ahead and leap over the barrier as you get close. Since there aren't so many levels to go through in this game, you can level up whenever you like.

In this difficult game, checkpoints are flags planted by players. The shapes of these obstacles might range from sharp triangles and square blocks to pools of liquid. Jumping and placing flags at strategic locations are the only two requirements for success in this game. Unless you have planted a flag before colliding with a barrier and dying, you will have to restart the level. Respawns on any flag, making it a safe haven. Get involved in more Jump Dude contests and hone your abilities!


How to play

To play, click anywhere on the screen with your mouse.

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