Halloween Idle World

Halloween Idle World

About Halloween Idle World

In Halloween Idle World, people often like to pretend that ghosts and elves are real. Young and old alike seek pleasure in many different forms. They are ready to completely immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of the season. And there's no better way to get there than by participating in some interactive stories that fit the bill, right on topic. Explore the afterlife in the fun Idle World game perfect for Halloween. This Halloween-themed clicker challenges you to create a thriving metropolis from scratch. Make the most of your resources as you look to build a Halloween universe from scratch by upgrading your existing merchandise. Gain access to new spooky goodies as you collect skulls and pumpkins. With each new building there will be more money to invest in expansion. Build the largest army of the dead and lead your army to conquer the world.


How to play

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