Halloween Witch Fly

Halloween Witch Fly

About Halloween Witch Fly

Play a Halloween-themed dodge game as you traverse the night sky in Halloween Witch Fly. Help the little witch overcome all the challenges by guiding her. Your goal is to avoid scary ghosts, cats, bats and the moon while maintaining as much altitude as possible. The night sky is filled with ghosts, stars, moonlight, floating pumpkins and haunted graveyards. Be careful not to touch any of them at any point. If you fly too high, the witch will fall into the crimson curtain at the top, and you won't be able to save her. This witch needs to navigate her way through some pretty scary hurdles. She is sitting on her broom in the middle of a strange forest alone. But she showed no fear at all! How far can you get on your flying broom before it stops working?


How to play

To move down, you must first click the button that brings you up.

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