Heroball SuperHero

Heroball SuperHero

About Heroball SuperHero

In Heroball SuperHero game you have to take the role of masked savior Hero and defeat all the evil squares to save the world. Who among us has the courage to stop the impending doom of the world? In this HeroBall mission, the evil minions have the goal of forcing the globe to transform into a square. The problems of the world were solved with the arrival of Heroball. Rescue the world from the clutches of minions while you collect stars and unlock new characters including AmericaBall, SpiderBall and IronBall. Check out the game Raid Heroes: Total War to discover more thrills!

How to play

  • PC Control: To navigate you can use the arrow keys or the WASD key!!
  • Controls for mobile and tablet: Use the buttons on the controller to move.
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