Just Fall LOL

Just Fall LOL

About Just Fall LOL

Welcome to Just Fall LOL! This is not only a fun game to play with your penguin friends, but also a social online multiplayer game. Competitors wear the penguin's beak and fight it in the hexagon arena to determine the winner. The rules of this game are easy to understand. To interact with the adorable penguin and make it move, jump and slide, you will need to use the arrow keys. In addition, your character's skin and different game types can be customized with one of the 12 available colors. You will be paired with another player at random, or asked to add some friends, for a total of 8 per game. It's up to you to keep the penguin alive for as long as possible while it's stuck on the ice. People walking on icebergs cause them to collapse. You should avoid the holes. To top the leaderboard, you have to be the last player to fall into the water.

How to play

You can play with the help of mouse and arrow keys or WASD key.