Knockout Run Royale Fall

Knockout Run Royale Fall

About Knockout Run Royale Fall

Welcome to Knockout Run Royale Fall! This is the stage for a tough online race to the finish line before other players who threaten the player's life. This game has vibrant, colorful graphics and is visually appealing in every respect, from the playable characters to the challenges they face. It will captivate you so much that you won't be able to take your eyes off it no matter how hard you try. During your time in the race, you will be transformed into a beautiful and fun bean character. Participate in an online competition with other players from countries around the world. It's time to show off your skills as a skilled parkour and slide runner to the rest of the world. Pay attention to the instructions and do your best to navigate through the obstacles as fast as you can so you can cross the finish line.


How to play

When there is a signal, use the arrow keys to control the character to run forward, overcome opponents and avoid obstacles to win.

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