Master of Donuts

Master of Donuts

About Master of Donuts

Master of Donuts is the game to conquer the world of stacking donuts and win the title of Donut Master! Put your brain to the test by sorting donuts by color. If you want to eat a donut, you should stack them so that all the ones with the same coating/color above overlap. Become a Donut Master to challenge your brain, use up the energy you've brought with you, and unwind before or after an eventful, sunny, or wonderful day. You will see a table on the screen in front of you describing the kitchen island. Donuts with different colors will be featured on it. You will have to hunt down all the donuts of the same color and swarm them together. Once you've stacked all the donuts, you'll be rewarded with a specific score and advance to the next level in Master of Donuts.


How to play

You can rearrange them on the table and put them in the right place with the help of the mouse.

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