Miami Crime Simulator 3D

Miami Crime Simulator 3D

About Miami Crime Simulator 3D

In Miami Crime Simulator 3D you will play as a law enforcement officer in this third person shooter action game to kill criminals. This is GTA genre with 50 additional missions to get you ready to destroy Miami and Vegas cities of criminals. You have the ability to steal any vehicle you choose, be it a car, a tank, a helicopter or even a jet. You can also make purchases in a shop that will assist you in completing your mission and freeing the city from all the sinners so you can act like a holy cop. You will face obstacles like mafia family wars, theft, crazy traffic, assassins hired by criminal organizations, and more. If you like playing shooting games, try the FPS Assault Shooter game!

How to play

Aim to shoot and move with arrow keys or WASD. Activate the agent with the LShift key. Change weapons with the Wheel of Time, Q and E keys.

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