Monster Soccer 3D

Monster Soccer 3D

About Monster Soccer 3D

Monster Soccer 3D is a fun soccer game that can be played by one or two people, where you have to choose a monster before starting the game. If you choose, you can have computer-controlled bots play with you in the game. You can speed up the ball by hitting it with the Monster's hand and you can try to win the game by scoring the most goals before time runs out. With an interesting graphical interface, vivid sound and images, you certainly won't be able to miss this exciting game. If you are a football fan, join our Goalkeeper Wiz game!



How to play

 If single player: Use arrow keys to move and SPACE button to hit the ball.

If there are two friends playing, for Player 1, use the arrow keys to move and the L key to hit. For Player 2, to move, press WASD and G key to hit.

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