Penalty Kick Wiz

Penalty Kick Wiz

About Penalty Kick Wiz

In the Penalty Kick Wiz game, you have to put on your soccer cleats and test your shooting skills by taking some penalties. Choose the country of your choice and try to lead them to victory at the World Cup. Check the player's reaction after he scores and after he misses the goal. This beautiful 3D game is developed by the same team that brought you the hugely popular Penalty Shooting game. It's simple to learn how to play, and even simpler to become an expert at it! Because it is such a simple sport, you can spend a lot of time and energy watching football in the similar game, Football 3D.


How to play

To shoot, simply press and hold a button anywhere on the screen until a crosshair appears on the desired location on the target. Then let go. To avoid taking damage, you must first observe your opponent's target and then touch it.

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