Polar Fall

Polar Fall

About Polar Fall

In the popular game Polar Fall, you have to make sure that the Bear lands in the right place after all his jumps and acrobatics. To prevent Mr. Bear from passing away, you'll need to acquire a talent for shuffling the globe and staying away from the Christmas tree. Be careful not to bump into any Christmas trees and try to keep your head on the ground. The surrounding area is filled with dangerous craters and sinkholes. Collecting gift boxes will allow you to buy many improvements for your bear.

There are over thirty different puzzle levels to solve, each offering a unique and fun challenge. How many levels were you able to complete? And the more you participate in the game, the more attractive you will become, for example, Santa Claus Jumping!

How to play

Move Mr. Bear left and right with the arrow keys. Get bonuses for your unique skills and rearrange the tiles to suit your strategy. Keep Mr. Bear from hurting himself by keeping him from getting close to the Christmas tree.

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