Pop Balloon

Pop Balloon

Welcome to Pop Balloon! This is a very fun bouncing ball game with many different levels and difficulties to keep kids excited while playing the game. To win the game, you must first master the art of force control and the angle of the spike ball. The spiked ball will bounce back when it hits the wall, and this will cause all the balloons to explode. The hot air balloon app has free games that are both entertaining and fun, and they're filled with colorful balloons that kids can pop and enjoy the never-ending excitement that comes with it. This game features kid-friendly controls and surroundings, making it simple for kids to play. Teachers and parents can use it to engage children in a mind-relaxing activity that helps children strengthen their motor skills. Let's join your kids in the game to experience it!

How to play Pop Balloon

To adjust the launch intensity, you need to press and hold the screen while swiping backwards.

How to play

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