Racing Horizon

Racing Horizon

About Racing Horizon

Racing Horizon is a three-dimensional and unlimited racing game where you compete with your extremely powerful car in a simulation of highway traffic. This game features a variety of sports car models, each with unique upgrade options. You have the choice of starting a highway racing career that will last a very long time or you can drive on an endless map. In addition, there is also the option to participate in a police chase mission. You'll find a wide range of highway racing courses, as well as cars and game types to choose from. With beautiful 3D graphics interface, vivid sound and images, you will definitely have interesting races in this game. Refer to a few racing games to increase the attractiveness like 2 Player Dark Racing and Underwater Car Racing Simulator. Let's experience it now!

How to play

Move using "W," "A," "S" and "D" or "arrow keys". NOS: "F" To switch cameras, press "C." You need to get your car to the end of the race without colliding with obstacles.

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