Restoration Master

Restoration Master

About Restoration Master

Have you joined the Restoration Master game? It is thrilling to see the objects forgotten to find new use. In this game, you can take on the role of a recovery person and see your own work is restored. Building a repair shop where you can work on a range of items. You will revive everything, from a classic candle to advanced guns and tongue collected. Addictive games with more than one hundred levels with many collections of items (including popular, uncommon, high -end and VIP items), the system overcoming games, prizes to advance through the game. And are waiting for you more in Master recovery. Immediately diving into the wonderful universe of Master recovered.

How to play

You can control it with a mouse or touch screen. Just do what the game told you to do. Initially, you need to open the packaging of the item. There is a dirty object on the table. To start, you will want to soak it well. Then, spray the area with a cleanser and let the foam sit to absorb dirt. Then, just use a damp rag to clean everything, and then add it to your collection.

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