Ricochet Arrow

Ricochet Arrow

The arrow game Ricochet Arrow is loved by many young people, and your main task is to destroy dangerous skeletons in 50 different levels. The 'Bullet' behavior of the engine used in this game is responsible for providing the game with its natural bumps. Within seconds, collisions and wrong angles can occur, as seen by bullets that shoot at the wrong angle, break out of their composition, or even pass through solids. The occurrence of these errors can be caused by many different factors. Your task is to firmly grasp your bow with both hands! Take your time to aim accurately before you shoot your arrow. You have an infinite supply of arrows, but it would be wise not to shoot one of them at yourself as it would backfire. Let's work on destroying these skeletons, shall we?



How to play

 Aim precisely, and then release the arrow so that it goes to the target.

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