Road Painting 3D

Road Painting 3D

Road Painting 3D is a very creative real road sign designer role playing game and it is currently one of the top favorite top games. You will be provided with a variety of equipment for painting roads, including rollers, rollers, a variety of textures and colors, and also complete cars for painting. And the most important goal of the game is to personalize the signs and draw road markings. To ensure that you get the highest score possible, in addition to making design choices, approach things with caution. Efforts should be made to improve the appearance of the city. Join the game to see if you are a good creator!

How to play Road Painting 3D

Road signs will need careful repainting and road markings will need repair. You have to use masking tape and mold to paint. There are many funny and unusual road signs scattered throughout the game.

How to play

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