Shot For Hire

Shot For Hire

About Shot For Hire

In Shot For Hire, you have to deliver your items into town no matter what if you want to make any money or keep your current lifestyle. You can boost your chances of survival by using some of your money to hire mercenaries to help you out in battle. It's not hard; while you're away, take advantage of their strength and eliminate any potential threats between stops. Keep going until you come across an adversary, at which point you should halt and destroy them. Pick your mercenaries wisely so they can help you along the way. By gaining access to cities, you can hire mercenaries from a wider variety of guilds. Check out additional Getaway Shootout games to hone your abilities!


  • Incredible 2D artwork
  • Detail-oriented character creation
  • Extremely difficult game levels.

How to play

To get going, click the mouse.

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