Sky Fall

Sky Fall

About Sky Fall

Sky Fall is a game that participates in skydiving as a sport, and it is not only used by paratroopers. In the game Sky Fall, you are tasked with assisting everyone who intends to jump to do so without endangering themselves or others. Before starting the flight, you will need to reduce the scale level and position the jumper so that it is within the boundary of the contoured polygon. No access to any other area of ​​the body other than the body contour is allowed. Because of this, doing so is essential. that the hero will fly through the hole of the same size formed in the glass circle, and this will complete the task excellently. If it is damaged, you will not be eligible for the reward. If you can fly properly, you will need to take extra precautions to avoid collisions with birds and propellers while playing Sky Fall.

How to play

Click to start playing and make space jumps.

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