Slice it All

Slice it All

About Slice it All

In Slice it All, you need to overcome obstacles in your way to advance, this is the most fun approach to achieving your goal of becoming a master slicer! To flip your knife and neatly cut multiple obstacles along your route into two equal halves, tap the appropriate button. When you have a knife as sharp as yours, nothing can stop you! You'll need to flip your knife at the perfect time to overcome various obstacles, including pencils, pipes, anvils, and more! You will need to keep the knife in hand at all times while it is in the air. If you get close to the water, your run will be over. The same rule applies to ditches; Make sure you don't end up in them!

These test scores are shown in dark gray tables. An easy-to-play yet challenging game, with a harmonious and colorful interface, providing players with an enjoyable and relaxing visual experience. You can refer to our interesting games like Ballon Slicer.


How to play

Tap the screen to swing the knife and overcome the incredible obstacles on your way to the finish line. Victory is achieved when the knife hits the scoreboard at the last minute. Break occurs when the cutter hits an obstacle.

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