Slope Run

Slope Run

About Slope Run

In the game Slope Run, you have to help the ball overcome all the challenges to reach the planets and discover the direction for the next steps. The events of the novel begin when the ball, which turns out to be an astronaut, is traveling through space on a mission to explore uncharted worlds. Unfortunately, it was involved in a collision and as a result it lost all of its memories. Therefore, it decided to go to various planets to try to recover its lost memories. The ball must pass through the wormhole in space to reach these worlds. In this tunnel, it will encounter many dangerous obstacles, such as unstable bricks and huge jumps so you need to support the ball. You can practice more skills by playing the game Slope Unblocked!

How to play

To jump across the desktop, press the up arrow key on your keyboard. To go left or right, use the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard.

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