Snowball War: Space Shooter

Snowball War: Space Shooter

About Snowball War: Space Shooter

In Snowball War: Space Shooter, a tiny spaceship travels across the galaxy in search of intelligent extraterrestrial species. You are suddenly faced with a blizzard that appears out of nowhere and begins to descend on you. Let's celebrate Christmas on Earth after we've gone through an exhausting interstellar journey together by flying back to our home planet aboard your spaceship. While you are in the middle of a space storm, large snowballs that are potentially harmful to you are falling towards you. Protecting the crew with turrets was one option, while evasive maneuvering was another possible option to save the ship. Your spaceship must be maneuvered to both destroy the snowballs and avoid being hit by them.

To get in the holiday spirit, try the free game Snowball Destroyer. Enjoy the fun concept behind it, as well as the engaging gameplay it delivers without compromising on the celebration.

How to play

Use LEFT MOUSE to shoot and click repeatedly on the spaceship to repair it

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