Squid Collection

Squid Collection

Welcome to the Squid Collection! In this HTML5 game, your goal is to collect as many ink objects, and now this game is very popular in the gaming market. To get started, tap any Easter item. The next step is to move "mouse tip or fingertip" over identical and adjacent things (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). Select at least three of the objects. Put your mouse buttons down to align them. A reward will be given for every sixth item. A time bonus will be given to you if you collect more than 7 items. If you do not collect the items related to the target squid within the allotted time, you will fail the game. Where can you find the highest level you can play? Join the game now and experience it!

How to play Squid Collection

You can play this game by clicking or touching the screen to control.

How to play

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