Squidly Game Hide And Seek

Squidly Game Hide And Seek

About Squidly Game Hide And Seek

Welcome to Squidly Game Hide And Seek! This is a game that is now quite popular because of its attractiveness and flexibility. Hide and Seek was redesigned for Squidly players as an ink-themed variant called Seek, and the game is played in a similar way. You can choose to play the game as someone trying to catch someone or someone trying to run away. Because you are the catcher, you must ensure that no player escapes during the three rounds of the game. If you're playing the fugitive, you have to do all you can to avoid getting caught even once every three rounds. This game is both innovative and entertaining in terms of gameplay of the genre and its user interface is extremely friendly. Are you ready? Master the art of being the best pursuer or best evader!


How to play

 The controls can be understood easily. To move the character, you just need to press WSAD on your keyboard.

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