The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

About The Battle Cats

In The Battle Cats game, players will be in charge of an army of cats as they attempt to conquer a world inhabited by many different types of creatures. At the start of the game, each warrior's home ground is shown on the left and right sides of the screen, respectively. You can use coins to automatically recruit more cats to fight for both sides and the faster time passes, the more coins will be generated. You have the option to improve the cats, which will make them stronger for the duration of the fight.

The game is won by the first faction to successfully take down the opponent's main stronghold. Players will need to perform a variety of activities to progress in the game. These missions can be as simple as winning a war or as difficult as getting the upper hand over an opponent who is far more capable than they are. After successfully completing a mission, the player will receive a reward of experience points or cat food. To practice more skills, you can refer to the game Battledudes.

How to play

Use your mouse to recruit more cats and perform in-game quests.

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