The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup

The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup

The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup is a fishing game to help Smurfs clean the ocean. Come along with one of the Poker Trum as he scours the water around the tropical island he calls home and helps him achieve his goal. Gargamel and Azrael did a terrible job of destroying it! You will receive a coin bonus for each item you successfully mine from the water. You can use these coins to buy awesome upgrades to make Smurf more powerful. Giving him a longer fishing line, for example, will help him get more trash. You will also want to keep an eye out for interesting stickers and valuable treasures you can pick up along the way. Collect them to power up and win the game.

How to play The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup

Use the left mouse button to lower the fishing line into the water. Then move your mouse to guide the Smurfs' fishing line as he pulls things up on his boat.

How to play

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