Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat is a board game in which a cat hides inside a board with tick boxes on it. Your mission is to protect it and prevent it from escaping so you can appear on top. You can win this game by being quick and using strategy. You will need to catch the cat using a trap. Don't let the cat escape you! Trap The Cat is a game that always attracts a large number of players daily. The gameplay of the game is very simple, but to be successful you will need to be familiar with a number of different techniques and tutorials. The cat will move in a different way every time you click on the panel; The goal is to stop it from escaping your encirclement before you run out of moves. Let's join the game to experience it!


How to play

Use the mouse to control. Create a barrier for the cat by clicking on the circles where it appears. It's not always easy to catch a cat. You should start at a further distance from the cat because if you get too close, the cat will always find a way to get around you!

After each attempt, the color of the dots will change to indicate how close you are to successfully avoiding the cat trap.

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