Ultimate Sudoku

Ultimate Sudoku

About Ultimate Sudoku

A modern take on the classic number-puzzler, Ultimate Sudoku challenges players to complete each empty square with a single digit between one and nine. Put your reasoning skills to use and find the sweet spot.

With Ultimate Sudoku's three tiers of difficulty (beginning, medium, and advanced), players of all experience levels can find a suitable challenge. There can be exactly one of each given number in any given row, column, or 3-by-3 section. In Note mode, the user can make a mental note of the option they've chosen by pressing the appropriate number button or the space bar. Participate in modern, engaging puzzle games such as Wood Block Puzzle 2.


How to play

To begin, choose the cell you want to update and then click the drop-down arrow next to it.

Numbers are entered by selecting the desired digit and then selecting the desired cell.

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