Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors

About Vampire Survivors

In the exciting game Vampire Survivors, the player chooses one of the available characters to control before entering a large play area. Once there, the player's goal is to stay alive while waves of monsters come their way. When the game starts, the player is equipped with a single weapon to defend himself against multiple enemies. Players gain experience and the ability to level up by defeating opponents, similar to FPS Assault Shooter. This allows players to acquire new weapons, passive items, and upgradeable things, all of which will aid them in surviving the tougher enemies to come.

Along with enemies, the player will also regularly encounter destructible light sources. These light sources will occasionally drop Gold Coins and other important things that can be used to aid in the fight against enemies. Accumulated gold can be used to purchase new characters and PowerUps will aid the player in future game completion efforts.

How to play

Click to start playing and use arrow keys to control.

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