Vex 7

Vex 7

About Vex 7

In Vex 7, you must perform parkour-style jumps to safely traverse the game's treacherous platforms. Stay away from spikes and laser-firing surveillance cameras. Jump from wall to wall, collect coins along the way, and you will eventually reach the exit gate. Put your skills to the ultimate test once again, as Vex 7 offers the iconic challenge. Take on a variety of quests, complete daily objectives, and accumulate loads of prizes as you progress through the most dangerous levels ever conceived. As your hero makes his way through the maze, collect his treasure and give him some new threads to wear. Join the game now!


How to play

Arrow keys control slide, jump and run. Just keep jumping up and up until you reach a higher level. If you want to break glass blocks and attack enemies, press spacebar. Learn to react fast and explore all the levels!

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